Astrans Founder



Many years ago, Astrans(s) Pte Ltd Founder and Chief Executive Officer Edmund chew was the first to be awarded the SOE honary award for SMEs business owners.

With his great vision and business acumen in building the enterprise, he started from a modest $2.00 and set up his company till date in 2020. It has been a long journey and he is still keeping fit to show the next generation that Entrepreneurship is a (never give up spirit).

While the 60 plus year-old has come a long way, his job is not done yet. He always wanted to achieve more than just a logistics business. He continues delivering his exemplary service to other sectors of businesses like going overseas to venture into Food & Beverage, Property Development, Marine and Security, and even Land Reclamation business.

Mr Chew once shared in his speech: "This company that we build belong to all of the staff that went through thick and thin with me. The customer is the real boss. They are part of our team. That's why I remind myself to provide my service for them.’

Based on the 正 (FIRM) philosophy, this humble leader stressed that he is contactable at all times if you really want to meet up with him! Under his leadership, he positions his company in SME (small and medium-sized enterprises) sector servicing all the small and medium companies.

"There's no room for mistakes, there's no such thing as keeping the status quo. Likewise, the choice for us in Singapore is simple - we must adapt or perish."

He added that creative innovation are the main keys to Singapore's sustained success, and the government will support companies for the next stage of the economic transformation - developing new markets, supporting upgrading and worker training plans, as well as putting in place supporting infrastructure for the businesses to succeed.