Offering exemplary and compassionate care with safe & reliable transport for a comfortable journey every step of the way, within and outside of Singapore. Our air ambulance services are readily available for medically-secure but efficient flights on vehicles of your choice such as jets, planes and helicopters.

What Air Ambulance Services Entail?

Air ambulances provide the safest and quickest mode of transport for patients who are unable to endure the rigours of commercial flights. Air ambulances are used for emergency or medical evacuations out of and into the country, or to the nearest local hospital. For your convenience, we have access to a large variety of aircraft vehicles that are fully equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment dependent on your needs.

From vehicles fitted with full Intensive Care Unit (ICU) to adapted aircraft suitable for minor injury patients required to fly at designed air pressure levels or lie flat on medical beds, and aircraft with cargo doors or modified ramps meant for leading stretchers, our air ambulance services provide a wide variety available for every medical need. Our air ambulances are not just equipped with medical equipment to ensure a smooth journey, they are also accompanied with specialist medical personnel to assist the patients and have more than enough capacity to carry both the patients and family alongside them.

What Are The Benefits Of Having Air Ambulances?

Air ambulances play a vital role in not just ensuring patients receive the proper medical attention, but also with providing repatriation services. This type of service is provided when you need treatment outside of your country or to travel into your country from somewhere else. It is also available for use during emergency evacuations to their local hospitals especially if they are outside the country and need to return home for treatment or to spend time with their family in their final moments in the worse case scenarios.

It is without a doubt that due to the need for such equipment, manpower and vehicles that air ambulances can be quite costly. However, the need for air ambulances even in Singapore is necessary, especially when providing urgent medical attention and repatriation services for patients. A range of factors can affect the costliness of acquiring air ambulance services including the type and size of aircraft used to ensure there is sufficient appropriate medical equipment available. Other factors range from the number of medical personnel needed to your destination and the distance flown, airport landing fees, distance ground ambulances need to cover and also the number of additional people accompanying the patient – family members or close relations. 

Astrans is dedicated to providing top-notch services to satisfy our customer needs and our air ambulance services are no different.   With the highest level of aeromedical care at the most cost-effective price possible, our air ambulances are purposely equipped to transport the sick, injured and those in need of emergency and/or medical attention. So whenever you do need us, we’ll be here and all prepared for your medical needs.