Operating on weekly consolidations, our freight forwarding expertise and connections with air shipping on major routes ensure our air freight cargo are delivered with efficiency and with top-notch services. Astrans air freight services are enhanced through one of the largest transportation hubs in Singapore, Changi Airport, transporting air cargo to 400 cities globally. Offering a range of highly flexible products, we provide a choice of delivery speeds that best suit your requirements.

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Air Freight Forwarding Services 

Airfreight, also known as, air cargo, refers to a shipment of goods through an air carrier including aeroplanes – goods that are essentially shipped via air. Freight itself refers to any type of goods, items or commodities that are transported in bulk via air transport, surface transport or sea/ocean transport. In other words, When goods are shipped from one place to the other, the amount paid for the transportation of goods via any means or the combination of transport systems is called freight.

In a global world, it is imperative to engage with global freight providers that serve major business centres throughout the globe to meet any variety of freight deadlines. With a combination of decades of experience and an expansive global network and air freight portfolio, Astrans is designed to deliver any of your demanding air freight supply chain needs.

Benefits of Air Freight Service

The benefits of using air freight to ship goods and cargo typically fall under the following below as sourced by Freightos:1. Speed It is without a doubt that transporting goods via air is the fastest mode as compared to ocean and road freight specifically across states, regions and countries. For instance, aeroplanes are about 30 times faster than ocean liners ensuring the transportation of goods via air shipping though may incur higher costs, ensures swifter freight deliveries.2.Reliability With people taking more control over their own shipping and becoming more preferential, the freight market has evolved to develop more dependable freight cargo services.  These services are typically made up of a combination of better air freight data movement and transporting via air ensures more accurate tracking creating a reassurance due to the knowledge that your goods will arrive – when and where you need them to.

3. Protection

Transporting via air creates a higher guarantee that your goods will be protected and lessen any damage or stolen goods. Despite ocean piracy declining throughout the years, it is 100% much safer to ship your goods or cargo via air in comparison to ocean freight or road freight so you can ensure your goods arrive or are delivered with peace of mind. 

Astrans is dedicated to ensuring your goods arrive/ are delivered in pristine condition as well as in a timely and cost-efficient manner so our customers have peace of mind whilst waiting for their goods to arrive at their final destinations.