Our local expertise will guarantee that your products reach their destinations in an undamaged and timely condition. Using our road freight services, your transport plans can be customised with ease from Less-than-Truck Load (LTL) to Part-Truck Load (PTL) or Full-Truck Load (FTL) shipments within Singapore and even road-freight to Malaysia. 

road freight

Road Freight Services 

Road-freight essentially refers to the shipment and transport of goods on the road, typically within states and countries, which otherwise can mean local delivery services. It is the physical process of transporting cargo by road using motor vehicles like trucks, vans and lorries. In road freight, the road is the lane/route between the point of departure and the point of destination. In addition, maintaining roads is much cheaper than other types of transport systems including air freight and sea freight.

There are a variety of goods and cargos that can be transported via road freight, and each and every one of them requires different kinds of care for their handling, loading and unloading, and storage in their transport vehicles like trucks. For bulk cargos, they are are freight transported in large quantities, usually without packing or packaging and are just stored within the containers which also acts as the means of transport. Bulk goods require careful storage since they are without outer packaging to reduce cargo losses. For heavy goods transport may require equipment such as cranes or hoisting platforms for its transportation and is most efficiently transported with a combination of specially approved equipment and an expert team. For dry goods or general goods, they typically do not need any special transport equipment or conditions and are typically transported in packaged or on pallets. 

Benefits of Road Freight

1. Less Capital Overlay Road freight transport service requires less capital investment and operating, constructing and maintaining costs are also much cheaper. This is typically due to road-freight service being used within states or countries, hence they are within the same borders where for example no or less import or export tax is required due to absences of for example international laws with shipment between different countries.2. Service In Rural Areas In rural areas, road-freight is sometimes the only mode of transport due to inaccessibility by air or water, rendering other modes of transport unavailable for usage. The exchange of goods, between small villages and townships, are therefore only made possible through road-freight transportation.

3. Flexible Services

Compared to other modes of freight services, a huge benefit of road-freight is its flexibility. Timings can be more easily changed and adjusted to individual requirements without inconvenience especially if its local deliveries. 

Astrans offer high-quality road transport and focus on service delivery for our customers to ensure that we transport your goods by road flawlessly. With an integrated trucking network linking major cities, ports and airports to one  another, we are dedicated to ensuring your goods arrive both intact and had an incident-free journey.