Be pampered with smooth sea shipping experiences from securing your pickups to delivering to your destination of choice. With a wide range of sea-freight forwarding and global transportation services from less-than-container loads to full container loads and oversized cargo. Astrans provides sea freight service where customers can ship their goods with peace of mind. 
Located near Jurong Port, one of the two main commercial ports in Singapore. Astrans is a sea freight forwarder in the world’s second-busiest port. It is also the world’s busiest transshipment port connecting over 600 ports spread over 6 continents. Being headquartered in Singapore, one of the most business-friendly nations in the world. import and customs procedures are typically very efficient and straightforward in this prosperous city-state.

sea freight

What Is Sea Freight?

Sea freight or ocean freight refers to the shipment or transport of goods by sea via shipping containers. Sea-freight is actually the most common mode of transport used by importers and exporters.

where Freightos highlights how in fact, a full 90% of everything is shipped by ocean freight and sea freight in comparison to air and road freight despite air freight being a swifter mode of transportation. Sea Freight service range from less-than-container loads to full container shipping. It is also over-sized cargo. and what vital in ensuring your goods are shipped with efficiency and ease is the sea-freight. It is also provider’s ability to connect the dots between carriers, ports, customs, your vendors and trucking/rail service providers.

Benefits of Sea Freight

The benefits of sea-freight as sourced by Supply Chain Digital include the following:

1. Cost-Effective

Being the most common mode of transport, it is no surprise the reason for its popularity is due to how cost-efficient freight shipping via sea. sea-freight is, especially in comparison to air freight despite being faster are also more expensive. Smaller shipments, and products with a high value, generally go by these modes or anything that is time-sensitive.

2.Easy Manoeuvrability  & Inexpensiveness

Sea freight is perfect for transporting bulky or heavy products. It can hold large capacities making it so much more value for money despite lacing in the timeliness of delivery. It is so much more inexpensive to ship via sea or ocean for long distances in comparison to using air freight. It is so inexpensive for international deliveries especially when transporting goods in bulk. 

Additionally moving via sea or ocean has fewer restrictions due to international and national law. Carrier organization and individual carrier regulations all playing their part to define and restrict what goods are considered dangerous for transport, especially on the sea. 


CO2 freight emissions from ocean freight is minuscule in comparison with air freight. 

With our expertise and a global reach into the different markets plus quality control, Astrans ensures that performances are improved. Also costs are driven out while providing a network of ocean and sea services. We also strive for efficient on-time deliverability of goods and cargo via ocean freight. It is accompanied by end-to-end visibility.