From humanitarian aid and disaster relief to Fundraisers and special overseas joint projects, Astrans offers an array of logistics support and services for your every logistic need, executed flawlessly with cost-efficiency. 


What Types Of Special Projects Have We Done?

Humanitarian projects Astrans has supported included Disaster Aid in the Philippines and Helping Hands in Bhutan and Nepal with Rotary Clubs in the local area and Rotary E-Club of 3310 where Mr Edmund Chew, Astrans CEO is a PP (professional paralegal). In these humanitarian projects, equipment needed was provided in addition to producing industrial-size water filtration as coming across clean water sources during or after a natural disaster is one of the most challenging issues to overcome. By managing a water filtration system, we were able to assist in a timely manner, providing real help to disaster victims providing disaster aid in ASEAN countries. 

Fundraisers are another special project that we provide and lend our assistance to. As a logistics company in Singapore, we are able to manage and support the less fortunate or those in need to make a difference. We lend our logistics support and any import services to even assist in donations such as Helping Hands in Cambodia where SIA blankets were donated through RC Singapore. Even though we provide logistic services in Singapore, we pride ourselves on going beyond and helping local communities overseas, in other countries and regions, especially when in need of humanitarian aid and disaster relief. Other special projects include the transport of goods or cargo like bicycles and motorbikes, as well as managing storage and display for exhibitions.

We also assist with Old Folks Home Wellness in Singapore and other countries like Australia where there is a mixed-used senior care development which includes a multi-use tower with Retirement Homes Apartments, Assisted Living and Residential Aged Care Units, clinics and other units for Commercial Use.

At Astrans, we go the extra mile to not just satisfy customer needs but also involve ourselves in creating better opportunities or assisting in making journeys run more smoothly with ease.