Secure your vehicles and routes with ease and cost-efficiency. At Astrans, we will outsource vehicles and manage your entire transportation from start to finish, for you, so all customers rest assured that their goods will be transported to their destinations with peace of mind. 

We will fulfil your every logistics and delivery need every step of the way.


What Transport Services Do We Offer?

Our reliable and professional transport services broaden your opportunities to move shipments by air, sea, road or any combination in-between with ease. We offer a variety of transportation vehicles for you to choose from such as a fleet of vans, trucks with temperature-control and air-suspension, and many more options available for your logistics and transportation needs. This is a great addition to acquiring support for any import or export of logistics goods and to assist the entire delivery from warehouse storage to air, sea and road freight as we take pride in providing 3rd party logistics support for companies’ last-mile deliveries and customer’s door-to-door in Singapore.

Our vehicles are equipped with the latest technology to ensure your transportation proceeds smoothly using for example real-time GPS tracking, location monitoring and over-speed alerts. Using our transportation services does not only extend to vehicles for they are usually partnered with reputable and experienced drivers. With this combination, our transportation services fully ensure that your goods will be transported safely and securely to your destination.

Transport services are definitely a bonus for businesses so they don’t have to invest in a multitude of factors, especially if they only need transport vehicles to fulfil certain dispatches.

Benefits of Transport Services

Utilising our transport services will aid in freeing up your capital for more business ventures as well as avoiding incurring high costs of vehicle maintenance and both labour and depreciation costs. The only thing you, our customers, have to do is choose your vehicle type and key in your destination and delivery details, we will provide the rest from manpower to wrapping or assembly services.

Astrans’ breadth and depth capabilities provided are unparalleled in the market assisting your transport journey, be it global or local and asset or non-asset based. For us transportation and logistics providers, the largest challenge is to offer differentiated service at a competitive price to satisfy our customer needs so they can rest assured that our transport services are not only top-notch but that their deliveries are fulfilled with timeliness and cost-efficiency with our transport services available to them whenever, and wherever the need arises.