To deliver warehouse storage solutions that produce quantifiable benefits for our customers, our warehouses ensure storage spaces are fully utilised through a palletised racking system. We provide an economical and flexible storage solution to manage your operating costs and also use personal effects in rack sizes of 7feet x 6feet creating customisable rack storage spaces for your supplies.Our warehouse storage in Singapore is located near Keppel Shipyard and provides ample storage space for logistics and warehousing in Singapore as well as acting as a distribution centre for inbound, storage and outbound services. Our warehouses also ensure high accessibility for transporting cargo and goods with conveniently linked cargo lifts and sufficient forklifts, stackers and pallet trucks for loading/unloading. With our warehouses being strategically located near terminals and seaports like Jurong Port, our clients can expect cost-efficient and convenient warehouse storage solutions with Astrans. 


We provide 3rd party warehouse storage for companies’ last-mile deliveries and customer’s door-to-door in Singapore. Our clientele extends to working with brands including Amazon with effective solutions to help you manage any logistics issues. We have, in fact, been providing logistics services, warehouse storage in Singapore included, for many top global brands for many years now and this is a testament of our excellent customer service levels, our pricing and the quality of our logistics capabilities.

Last-Mile Deliveries

What are last-mile deliveries, however?Last-mile deliveries though essentially referring to the final step in the transport of goods is used differently between different supply chains.For example, between business to business (B2B), last-mile deliveries help to cover the supply of stock to physical stores, where the products are sold to customers. However, between business to customer (B2C), last-mile deliveries refer to direct delivery of the product to the customer or to pre-arranged point prearranged – which is typically from online purchases especially with how online purchases are increasing in Singapore, or all around

Business owners who are busy with the day-to-day operations can rely on us for their last-mile delivery to fulfil their logistic needs. Additionally, with our warehouse storage location, we make shipping out so much simpler and the same goes for inbound shipping. In our warehouses, as mentioned above, we use a pallet racking system and well-designed racking systems are the backbone of any warehouse, including Astrans. By tailoring the racking system to suit your exact requirements, it creates maximum optimisation for the efficiency of an entire material logistic and supply flow. 


What is a pallet racking system, however?A palletized racking system is actually one of the most common racking systems. However, despite this, it is also the most ideal for most warehouse, including Astrans’ as it utilizes vertical space instead of wasting on square feet. Forklifts are the vehicles typically used for pallet racking systems as it allows for simple movement between the racking systems and towards our stand-by transportation vehicles. This process only adds efficiency to most types of warehouses, as we make use of an organised space with ease so that any logistic goods are assuredly taken proper care of.

The use of pallet racking systems or any racking systems for warehouse storage solutions in Singapore can double and even triple the amount of materials warehouse can typically handle without a system. Plus, adding forklifts to basic warehousing operations definitely add to efficiency in work, space and cost for businesses and customers. With Astrans, we guarantee that you can reap all these benefits as our customer is always the top priority.