MISSIONS encompass the 4 elements of the Chinese character 正, meaning FIRM in English. Our Business Philosophy is culled from this strong word, FIRM.
Another important dimension in our mission statement is the word Guan Xi; literally "closed cooperation". Since the Birth of the company, the mission set for the entire team within the organization is to have a close relationship with our clients. We want to know their needs and to create a mutually rewarding partnership.

bringing logistics services to our customers' door-step. 
A one-stop Logistics service company

maintaining excellent rapport with our customers. 
To be honest and sincere in providing excellent services 
so as to win their confidence.

managing our customers' products as if they are managing it themselves. 
We know best what need to be done.

responding to our customer' logistics needs at the shortest and 
quickest time. We help them to meet their needs urgently.
"Guan Xi" 关系 Chinese Networking
"Guan Xi" is the Chinese form of networking that is built up from family, village and clan kinship. However, apart from the similar mechanism of meeting and sharing ideas (in Chinese clan associations or recreation clubs), the obsession with having cordial human relationships and the preservation and giving of "face" is unique and paramount in the Chinese networking game.
In Chinese business networking, the maintenance of "face" and cordial Guanxi are prequisites in ensuring that such networks operate smoothly and reliably.
Many non-chinese especially Westerners have difficulty in coming to terms with the Chinese obsession with "face" in business transactions. This is especially so when a "scientifically" logical decisions is overridden by a seemingly illogical choice made on the assumption of "face".
Another critical aspect of the Chinese networking and relationship is trustworthiness and reliability. As Chinese businesses tend to be conducted on a personal and mutual trust basis in the absence of lengthy legal agreements, any let down by either party will entail a complete loss of "face" and trust within the Chinese business community.

       行 XING 
The act of setting out a mission of travel or enterprise and thriving on natural ability and competence.

       创  CHUANG
The paramount attempt at a challenging prospect, the achievement of a goal for the first time.

       综  ZONG 
To bring together a combination of elements, integrating them into a whole.

        合 HE
To form a partnership in which all members feel in harmony and are in agreement in the totality of their shared vision.