“ The backbone of the company rests with our dedicated and customer focused staff”  
      Founder Edmund Chew
Astrans (s) Pte Ltd
Astrans ( s ) Pte ltd
is a young, potent & dynamic growing company .It was established in 1994 as a Third Party Logistics Service Provider. Despite its humble beginnings , the company has grown to be a recognized logistic partner to many of its clients.
The backbone of the company rests with its dedicated and customer focused staff. Astrans has an efficient and friendly team of professional materials specialists . They have assisted manufactures and traders in managing & packaging their products , for distribution throughout the world , with the help of its extensive overseas network . Astrans strategy for the near future is to form strategic relationships with companies who are in related business . The key focus in forging such relationship is to allow each company to focus on their key strength. As such ,Astrans has on tap a ready fleet of prime movers and lorries at its beck and call. Although, the warehouse space at the moment is large enough to meet the current needs , there are times where the volume exceeds the current capability. Again, Astrans relies on its worthy partners and has on tap a number of other warehouse in which to provide storage for its goods.
We are a company that will overcome all difficulties and as such has committed ourselves to being flexible. We will acquire warehouse and more equipment as we see the need. However, our current strategic tie-ups have been gratifying and rewarding and it looks set to be out focus in the short term.
We at Astrans have a goal in mind . That is to forge strategic and long-term relationship with out clients. We have dedicated ourselves to meeting and exceeding the requirements of out customers. We hope to prosper as out clients do , thus we take personal interests in seeing our clients do well.
With such a paradigm in mind, we are happy that we have been the choice company to a number of companies .It brings us pride when we can help.
Quality commitment
Astrans has recently achieved the prestigious ISO 9002 .This is the assurance to out customers that we will continue to strive relentlessly to ensure quality and provide value-added service
As a company that continues to evolve, we treasure advice that we receive. We take feedback very seriously and are always prompt to look into them .We are only as good as out customers make us out to be, thus our team has learned to be flexible in meeting the myriad needs of our clients.
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