Astrans ( s ) Pte ltd
A  key termed coined by many in the industry . We , at ASTRANS always embrace the latest knowledge in the field of logistics. Having gained experience through the years , we like to think of ourselves as being a flexible and dynamic team to meet changing needs. If your organization requires external help in managing your logistics , let us be your choice of a logistic manager , let us manage your supply chain . Let us be your no 1 choice when it comes to outsourcing. In the section , we integrate core competency in helping your organization to transport , package and ship your products.Just let us know when and where your goods need to be , we will plan our schedule around yours. Our resources and men will be on hand to help advise your company on the best possible method to move your products.
We at ASTRANS are committed to forming a long term relationship with our customers . If you don’t look good , we don’t look good . We endeavor to handle your products as if they were ours. Our aim is to help achieving a shorter turnaround time .
Our commitment to you : ASTRANS tries harder to provide you with top quality service .
As the trend of the future business community , outsourcing will become a norm as companies concentrate on their core strengths . Our strength lies in the coordination and movement of products throughout the world . If your organization is looking to concentrate your strength , see us and let us try and  help you in managing your products.Below , you will see how we integrate our divisions to help a company achieve a smooth flow of their goods.