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Chew Tee Khim

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Danny Zhao

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Trucking and Tailor Project
Astrans ( s ) Pte ltd 

Our trucking division has a ready fleet of prime movers and trucks of varying sizes to move and transport our client’s products.Our primemover drivers are experienced drivers who have placed efficiency as their top priority. Our company relies on their punctuality in maintaining a fast turn around time . Our savings and efficiency are reflected in our pool of customers’ continued support.

Our fleet of lorries is of varies sizes. It does not matter how big or heavy your cargo is , we can meet your needs . At ASTRANS , we make sure your cargo is where it is supposed to be , on time.

The next few shots will show you one of the largest project we have undertaken .As the picture will prove, we have done that .We assure our customers that we will always try harder to make sure that their cargo will be in safe hands when it is in our hands. You will notice that we also provide craning service, used specially for large or heavy objects.